Black derivatives

In a narrower (technical) sense, bitumen is the name for asphalt bitumen, a black, sticky, solid or semi-solid mass consisting of hydrocarbons and their non-metallic derivatives; it is soluble in carbon disulfide and is found in nature or obtained by refining petroleum. Technical bitumen is obtained as a residue from the distillation or refining of oil or is a product of the processing of petroleum products. Most of the bitumen is used in road construction for the construction of asphalt roads, airport runways and sidewalks (road bitumen) and in construction for waterproofing (foundations, walls, roofs), lining of canals and other facilities.


Road bitumen (conventional and polymer modified bitumens) is used in road construction, as a binder for stone aggregates in the production of asphalt or as a raw material for the production of bitumen emulsions.

Bitumen 20/30
Bitumen 35/50
Bitumen 50/70
Bitumen 70/100
Bitumen 160/220
PmB 45 / 80-65


Industrial bitumen is used in the production of insulating materials used in construction.

Bitumen 85/25
Bitumen B-85/40
Bitumen 95/35
Bitumen 105/25

3. HEATING OIL medium LUS (up to 1% sulfur)

Fuel used for heat sources in industry and power plants with the possibility of preheating during transmission, storage and use.


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