White Derivatives


Diesel is a high-quality fuel that meets the latest Euro requirements. According to all quality requirements, the product complies with the valid European standard EN 590 and is primarily intended for vehicles that have highly efficient systems – catalytic converters/converters to reduce harmful components in the exhaust gases.

2. BMB 95 BAS-EN 228

BMB 95 is a high-quality fuel by the latest EURO requirements. It is unleaded motor gasoline, by the requirements of the valid European standard EN 228.

3. Heat oil extra easily

Extra light fuel oil (LUEL) is characterized by ease of use, easy storage, and good energy efficiency. It is suitable for use in households and larger users (schools, kindergartens, and companies). It is one of the cleaner, more reliable, and economical sources of energy.

4. BMB-98

BMB 98 is a high-quality fuel by the European standard EN 228 for motor gasoline, which differs from other motor gasoline available in the value of octane number. It is unleaded sulfur-free motor gasoline of the highest octane level (IOB / MOB at least 98/88) intended for all types of vehicles whose technical specification recommends the use of high-octane motor gasoline, and especially this applies to newer motor vehicles (engines with high-pressure fuel injection) ). Meets the requirement to limit the substance in the exhaust gases by the Euro V requirement.

5. Additive DG EURO

The diesel additive package contains powerful cleaning components that:
• Prevent the formation and removal of deposits on the engine
• break down and clean harmful deposits on the fuel injection system
• enable optimal fuel dispersion in the combustion chamber
• reduce fuel consumption due to less foaming
• reduce friction between moving engine parts due to increased lubricity

Contact persons for motor fuels: Amina Pašović, Adil Halilović.